Past event
Sunday 20th September 2015, 8pm, The Lord Roberts
Tickets: £5


Join us for an intimate night of short documentaries at the Lord Roberts, as we take a look at all things LGBT. These films will be all about giving a voice to the passions, problems and even some of pornographers of the LGBT community, so if you’re big on queer theory, intrigued by gender transcendence or just fascinated by the documentary form, join us for these great short docs:

Female Masculinity Appreciation Society

FMAS Ven&Cookie

A glimpse into the competitive world of female arm wrestling, celebrating, discussing and supporting female masculinity in the process.



A playful, pensive look back at the virginity of a gay Brazilian teenager, all filmed in a wonderful, steady point-of-view style.

Wham Bam Mr Pam

Wham Bam Mr Pam_1

A look at a day in the life of Pam Dore – one of the most interesting people in the gay porn industry – giving her time to reflect on what makes her so special.

Drag Is My Ecstasy


This documentary captures the Sink the Pink family in the midst of one of their most carnivalesque nights, leading to a gorgeously colourful, riotous night of revelry.

Trucker Patti


A fascinating look at the touching and rousing life of an intersex transwoman who has happily immersed herself in American trucker culture.



A look back at the history of this activist group, and the journey of a number of LGBT Muslims towards finding their own voice.



Translucent is an uplifting, unobtrusive exploration of self-identity that discusses being transgender in a way that seems highly refreshing and open.