Past event
Saturday 30th April 2016, 5pm, The White Lion
Tickets: £10 including a meal
In aid Kais Al-Qualisi



We’ve had a great year of showing fantastic films all around Nottingham this year, so it only makes sense to celebrate this special occasion by showing another one. Where better to do it than return to where we kicked off last year with Beverley – the awesome White Lion.

We’ll be treating you to all sorts of wonderful stuff, not least a gripping film – Sean McAllister’s The Reluctant Revolutionary.


Once again showing a great instinct for the story less told, McAllister’s documentary focuses on Yemen’s turbulent experiences during the Arab Spring. As this grassroots uprising continues to shape our world, this look at a country that has 60 million guns for some 20 million inhabitants certainly proves to be thought-provoking.

But by focusing on charismatic family man Kais Al-Qalisi, this doc powerfully personalises the political and never stops being a deeply moving tale of human hope. This screening will also be a fundraiser for Kais and his family, who have been left homeless after their house was destroyed during an intervention in Yemen led by the Saudi Arabians.

Salwa Bughaghis LibyaAnd of course it wouldn’t be a NAFN party without some stunning shorts. For a wider look at the starts and effects of the Arab Spring, we’ll be showing a collection of shorts: The Trials of Spring.Covering Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and Egypt these shorts bring to the forefront the voices of women who played pivotal roles in the revolutions.

We’ll also be cooking up a Yemeni feast and there’ll be plenty of prizes up for grabs through a raffle.
And of course it wouldn’t be a birthday party without cake, so we’ll be sure to include plenty of that. You’re in for a treat!



Thanks to everyone who came to this screening, and some last minute donations, we’ve raised £650! That’s been sent over to Kais and he’s collected it.

If you’d like to still donate, you can! If not please do share this as widely as you can. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Go Fund will take 5% off any donations, and Western Union will take another 10% when we transfer it over to him – so please do give as generously as you can.

Please donate here.

Thank you.