Past event
Sunday 29th November 2015, 6pm, The White Lion
Tickets: £8 including tapas


This November, join Josef, Lars, Philip and Claude as they embark upon a run-away trip through Europe.

Tired of being treated like children by their well-meaning parents, this mischievous trio hatch a cunning plan to visit the promised land of Spain with their no-nonsense driver, Claude. Never having been away from home before, they eagerly hope this pilgrimage will see them lose their virginity, and as a road-trip/rom-com movie with a twist, Hasta La Vista makes their coming of age story seem both funny and fresh.

Enthoven takes us into a complicated world of lust and hormones, but these teenagers never stop seeming like an average group of boys. Their cheeky antics even call to mind the irreverent exploits of the classic The Inbetweeners, and the film’s fantastic approach to representing blind and disabled characters certainly makes for a captivating watch.


As well as being incredibly funny, Hasta La Vista is also a film which firmly wears its heart on its sleeve, making its quest for love through forests, traffic, and holiday resorts incredibly charming.

So why not join us for something a little bit different this month, as the BFI’s LOVE season finally comes to Beeston?

Lovingly Added Extras…

We love our audiences, so we’re always trying to think about ways we can give back to you! For that reason we’ll be offering our wonderful viewers:

  • Free LOVE-themed vegan cookies
  • A chance to win everything from free “cinema beer” to chocolate and DVDs.
  • Some of Beeston’s best tapas included in the price of your ticket, all thanks to the wonderful people at The White Lion pub.


And of course a NAFN film night wouldn’t be complete without a short or two! So we’ll be screening Nottingham-born Charlie Swinbourne’s Deaf short The Kiss. This film sees two dates collide with some pretty mischievous consequences, and it’s light-hearted comedy definitely reminds us why we love British Sign Language films.

So, why not bring your mates along and fall in love with cinema again? After all, films are better enjoyed together!

Tickets are available here.
This screening is sponsored by the BFI and is a part of the 2015 LOVE Season.

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