Past event

February 2016, Broadway

This February, we’ll be working alongside Broadway to bring you some incredible shorts for LGBT History Month. Make sure you save these dates!

Monday 1st February



Already a winner of the prestigious Iris Prize, Arkasha Stevenson’s tale of a young Latina transgender woman centres on the perilous black market procedures available to people who are transitioning. Sumptuously shot, this short shows another dimension of the LA transgender scene and blends biological images with the city’s landscape beautifully.



A twisted, high energy tale centred on rumour, infidelity, prostitution and bar fights, Tangerine is so much more than just a film shot on an iPhone. Casting a discerning and comical eye on LA’s sex industry and trans community, the story follows Sin-Dee and Alexandra as they storm through their neighbourhood encountering an array of colourful characters, both friend and foe.

Friday 5th February

Dressed As A Girl 

Jonny Woo - Dressed as a Girl

A documentary that rips off the wigs and wipes away the mascara to find the real people behind the figureheads of East London’s alternative drag scene. Dressed as a Girl paints a compelling portrait that pulls audiences beyond the performances into a mesmerising and previously inaccessible underworld.

After Broadway’s showing of Dressed As  A Girl, we’ll be taking over the Cafe Bar to bring you a visual delight of short films.

Monday 15th February

First Clue 


No matter who you are, those moments in life when you come to understand your sexuality can be some of the most exhilarating. Interviewing dozens of women, director Susan Sullivan candidly reveals the heart-warming joy her participants feel as they reflect on that moment they realised their sexuality

 A Girl At My Door


Police Academy instructor Young-nam is expelled from her Seoul job for excessive drinking, to find that her new role in a small town mostly involves corralling a community of drunks.She meets Do-Hee, a withdrawn 14 year old covered in cuts and bruises. Concerned , Young-nam takes her in, but when her former girlfriend shows up and Do-hee’s father decides he wants his daughter back, a new raft of problems rear their ugly head.



Monday 22nd February

Love and Other Drags 


Drag artists like Pandora Panti Bliss have played an important part in encouraging LGBT acceptance in Ireland, but how hard is it to become a successful queen? That is exactly what director Ryan Ralph tries to find out as he open-handedly follows the story of Onya Becks, a 24-year-old aspiring artist from Belfast.

The Queen of Ireland


Created by Rory O’Neill, Panti Bliss is a drag queen, an accidental activist and in her own words ‘a court jester, whose role is to say the un-sayable’. The Queen of Ireland follows Rory’s journey from a small Mayo town to becoming the symbol of Ireland’s march towards marriage equality.

Tickets can be booked at Broadway.