Past event
Sunday 28th February 2016, 11am-4pm, New Art Exchange
Tickets: free
Part of NAE’s Future Perfect? Film Festival


The future is a universally exciting concept, yet film industries often fail to acknowledge or represent the cultural and ethnic diversity of its audience on screen. Through a day of film and discussion, we’re going to occupy New Art Exchange and explore what effect this has, and what filmmakers are, or should be, doing to make the fictions of tomorrow more reflective of the diversity surrounding us today.


We’ll kick of with a special selection of short films that show a diversity of thought, character and scenario. Ted Evan’s powerfully moving The End will show us a celebration of Deaf culture, and Jason Wishnow’s The Sandstorm depicts the trouble in a waterless China.

In our panel discussion, we’ll be joined by Lewis Arnold, Chloe Cheeseman and Sophia Ramcharan to dissect the film industry and it’s seeming aversion to depicting a diverse future. Recent blockbuster smashes like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mad Max have attracted a lot of attention and excitement and have even reshaped some industry tropes. Join us to discuss the implications of what that means and the ways these films have handled race and gender.

To end the day, we’ll be screening Miguel Llanso’s post apocalyptic and beautiful Crumbs.


Tired of picking up the crumbs of gone-by civilizations, Candy dreams of a life where he and his loved ones don’t have to live in a state of perpetual fear. Roving across a staggering Ethiopian wasteland, this pint-sized hero confronts himself, his fears, Santa Claus and a second generation of Nazis as he searches for salvation from the mysterious space station in the sky…

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