On Saturday the 20th of October I had the pleasure of visiting an art exhibition named ‘Full Frontal’ held in the ArtsmithLIVE Gallery in Derby. This exhibition consisted of numerous drawings, paintings and sketches by Nottingham-based artist Guy Evans. This small gallery in suburban Derbyshire held interesting self-portraits varying from life modelling to caricatures.

Whilst Emily Franklin’s live music played in the centre of the gallery, I managed to catch a word with the artist himself. Evans informed me he had been drawing ever since he was a baby, and as he became older he drew more and more and managed to role himself into being a life model. In doing so he spent years watching other people draw him ’badly’ so he decided to have a go himself.

His various drawings depicted the raw nature of an artists’ brain and how one would think of themselves when they close their eyes. He explained that his was the ‘homunculus’ method, in which he would draw his body to what he thought was the right proportion, and then fill in the details and finally finish with the difficult part: the face. He later became caught up in design, directing, acting and art was left behind until January 10th 2012 in which he claims he had:

An epiphany. I became obsessed with drawing humans again. This time they were figures in agony and ecstasy. Women and, later, images of the crucified “Jesus”.

With inspiration by artists such as Tom Keating and Edgar Degas, Guy has formed his own unique art from which he shares in his recent exhibition.

The exhibition ends 31st Oct. Gallery opening times: Wed – Sat 12-5pm.  Entry is free, art is also available for sale! Definitely worth a see.

Grainne Pearson Cockrill

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