Peter Pan Goes Wrong Feels So Right

Grainne Pearson Cockrill

On Thursday the 9th of July, I had the great pleasure of watching Peter Pan Goes Wrong at the infamous Nottingham Theatre Royal, a self-explanatory play in which we watch a performance of Peter Pan that… well… goes wrong.

I had already seen Mischief Theatre’s “play that goes wrong” formula in one of their previous productions, only that time, the company had (loosely) based their play on the Mouse Trap. So, to cut a long story short, I was very much looking forward to seeing the antics that would occur all over the plot of Peter Pan this time – I mean, after all, it is a story which we all know and love so well!

And I wasn’t to be disappointed. The performance was hilarious start to finish, and a mixed audience of both young and old all laughed hysterically at the actors misfortunes throughout. Ingeniously, the play’s scenery fell apart, costumes fell down and the actors, well, they tripped over their own lines!

Peter Pan

With a smart mix of scripted performance and improvisation, the actors in this small company muddled through astonishingly well. Especially when they turned their attention to embarrassing those lucky seat holders at the front (a.k.a me). So thanks very much for that Harry Kershaw (who plays Francis)!

Jokes aside, though, the interactive element of this play was a real success. The small cast had a wide variety of interesting yet crazy characters, from diva (Sandra, played by Leonie Hill) to flirt (Jonathan, played by Alex Bartram) and all of them brought with them a brilliant exaggeration of what to find in a theatre company.

Peter Pan 2

Special recognition should go to the writers and directors too for creating such a fluid vehicle for these incredibly talented actors. And the whole backstage crew deserves unbridled praise for designing such a dangerous, yet amazingly complex set! I mean, the fact that the team manage to make it fall apart on cue so consistently really is quite a feat. Roberto Surace costumes (especially Peter’s or Jonathan’s) were also really quite brilliant.

I highly recommend watching Peter Pan Goes Wrong. It is suitable for just about all ages, and don’t fret, you can still see them as they’re currently on tour around the UK! Whereas if you fancy something a little bit more adult-orientated, I also highly suggest The Play That Goes Wrong by the same company.